Fragrance Free World

In the Beginning

At the age of 16, I loved perfume. My absolute favorite was Emeraude by Coty. The summer I turned 16 I was very active - riding bicycles, running, swimming. All summer, I wore very little perfume.

When school started, my Junior year in High School, I began experiencing very bad headaches, complete with nausea. Being a very analytical person, even then, I began to look at what had changed. School had started, which meant back to some of the routines that I didn't follow much over the summer. Like putting on perfume. Hmmm, perhaps that was the culprit?

It took a few days of testing, but finally I had my culprit. The last time I put that perfume on, I was in the shower within 30 minutes. I remember giving it to my girlfriend, Henri Yoghurt, on the condition that she never wear it in my presence!

The Next 30 Some Odd Years

Over the years, I experienced more and more of these headaches with other perfumes. I eventually eliminated ALL perfumes, just quit wearing them. For a while I wore a musk oil that didn't bother me. Odd, because the same company's musk oil cologne did bother me. My theory was that it was something in the making of the perfume that was the culprit - explaining why they all would bother me.


Something changed drastically for me in 2001, although I still don't know what that change was. I began experiencing daily headaches. Or more precisely, around-the-clock headaches.

In 2002, I learned that I had been experiencing Migraines for the past 30-ish years.

A definition is in order here. A Migraine is much more than a headache. Migraine is a neurological disease that affects over 32 million Americans. Head pain is only one of the symptoms experienced during a Migraine episode. For more information, check the links page.

I've learned to (mostly) control my migraine episode. Soon, I will be posting more information on the changes I have made in my life. The biggest changes I have made have been in trying to make my world Fragrance Free. It is not an easy task, but I will share what has worked for me.