Fragrance Free World

A Day in the Life of ... the "Average" American Woman

In the morning it starts with the shower. Scented soap, scented shampoo, scented conditioner. Maybe some scented bath oil afterwards, or scented powder.

Out of the shower, it's scented deodorant, scented mousse for the hair, then scented hair spray.

The make-up - nearly everything here is scented too: foundation, powder, eyeliner, eye shadow mascara.

In the morning, when she arises, she heads for the bathroom. She has scented toilet paper to use. Then she gets into the shower. She washes her hair with scented shampoo and then applies a scented conditioner. Her bath soap is scented as well.

Out of the shower she dries off with a towel. It was washed using scented laundry detergent and scented fabric softener. To prevent the dry skin, she uses some scented lotion on elbows and knees.

Next is the mousse for her hair, heavily scented to mask something really bad, I suspect. Once the hair is dry and styled, there is hair spray, also scented.

Now for the makeup, nearly all of it scented as well. Before the clothes comes the, you guessed it, scented deodorant Getting dressed, more clothes washed with scented laundry detergent and scented fabric softener. She even uses scented water for the clothes that need ironing. Even if the clothes were brand new, many of those come from the store already scented. Fully dressed, she adds the finishing touch some perfume.

And for the finishing touch, she adds perfume or cologne.

It's no wonder that many people seem to wear far to much perfume. Look at all the competition it has. It's likely too that the nose can no longer smell anyway.

She heads downstairs for her morning coffee. Reaching into the cabinet, she pulls out a clean coffee cup, recently washed in Fresh Scent dishwasher detergent.

A Day in the Life of ... the "Average" American Man

It really isn't a lot different than the Average American Woman. Ok, no make-up. But there's still all kinds of hair care products for men, all scented. Plus it seems that reeking deodorants (Axe for one) are common with men now. And they still add their after shave or cologne.

A Day in the Life of ... the "Average" American

Their homes have been cleaned with lots of scented products. And then they add air freshener. It's not uncommon for cars to have air freshener, sometimes added at the car wash.

And can someone please tell me why they have to perfume paper money? It seems that money has been around for awhile has a certain perfume smell to it. Probably some sort of sanitizer. When will we learn that clean and sanitized doesn't have to mean scented?