Fragrance Free World

A Day in The Life

First - An Apology

People that know me know that I am the last person to put people in categories. I despise generalizations. So, I really don't believe there is an Average American Anything. However, in order to make my point here, I do use some generalizations. They probably don't all apply to any one person. If it isn't you, save your fingers and don't write me about it. I don't mean to say that it is you. Just a little poetic license to make my point.

What is A Day in the Life?

My point in writing these little scenarios is to illustrate just how silly America has gotten with the fragrance thing. It's kind of like the billboard (billboard, no less) that has shown up lately in San Antonio. It's advertising some new fragrance of a laundry detergent. The message? "Smell Yourself Silly!" Good Grief. And they've spent countless dollars to put up billboards (I've seen at least 2), just to announce a new scent!

So read through them and see if you find at least some silliness just in the variety of fragrances you can use in your life. No one ever mentions how they must all be competing with each other. Perhaps this is why we keep adding them and increasing them?